Welcome! Who are you...

A pregnant woman looking for a doula, childbirth classes or massage therapy? Relax, I promise not to rub your belly, guess the baby's gender or tell you labor horror stories.

A dad-to-be trying to keep an emotional pregnant woman happy? She emailed you this link, right? I've got a page just for you.

A new mom who needs postpartum doula support or massage therapy? Chin up, mama, you are doing great.

A fellow birth junkie? Are you looking for website design? Or maybe you are checking out how other birth professionals have their biz set up. That's cool, I do business workshops too.

Who am I?

Emily Fontes, a certified childbirth educator, certified birth doula, licensed massage practitioner and web designer.

I serve women seeking a doula, childbirth classes or massage in Snohomish & King Counties, from Seattle to Bellevue to Everett to Marysville and everywhere in between.